Immigrant's Daughter

A personal reflection on how my dad's immigration story continues to inform my own.  A contribution to the "Immigrant Stories" project curated by Ani Kokobobo and Anne Lounsbery and hosted by the NYU Jordan Center Blog.

The Roma Homeland That Never Was

Roma have been maligned throughout history as a "rootless" people without a homeland.  In this essay, I tell the shorter version of how, in the Stalinist 1930s, the Soviet Union considered creating a homeland for "Gypsies" within the boundaries of the USSR.

How "Not" To Talk About Roma

In this blog post from 2013, I discuss how "not" to talk about Roma and why the media has failed in its reporting on this understudied ethnic group.

Esperanto, Internationalism, and History

Featured in the "Member Spotlight" of the Centre for the Study of Internationalism, I answered a few questions about the book I'm writing and other research avenues it has led me down.